The Studio

For a long time it has been a dream of mine to build a Studio here on Raasay. It has been an uphill battle to achieve it. But achieve it I did, opening Easter 2019 with a celebratory ‘Not so Grand, Grand Opening’ in May. Even after the building was finished I had a long way to go with making stock, creating and organising the interior. Ive had a leaky roof and no money to have electric fitted, but who said everything was easy! After the roof was fixed I embarked on the project of kitting it out. That came with a steep learning curve too! I am a dab hand at using a silver smithing fret saw but a mitre saw? it was much easier than I anticipated, but the amount of work involved was much more! I am very proud with the results and look forward to welcoming you – Barbara x

I have now gone back to what it is I love. Creating. Creating from silver, from copper, from stainless steel, from photography and from my treasures off the beach. Yes my Raasay Beach Birds will be for sale too. I look forward to welcoming you to The Studio

Images & Content ©Barbara Martin