Puffins – Tresnish Isles Summer 2017

I have never experienced such a funny spectacle and the memory of seeing and photographing these comical characters will stay with me forever. I liken them to ‘Flying Crisp Packets’ …. What? I hear you ask… Let me explain. In my mind birds are usually cylindrical with wings each side of the middle and legs stuck on the bottom of the cylinder. Well Puffins are square. Wings on the top corners and legs on the bottom corners! This makes for very interesting flying and especially landing… They are not graceful but very clumsy … most times crash-landing… tumbling along the grass tops of the cliffs on touch down. Getting up and looking around, You can almost see their embarrassment and hear them saying ‘What Me?’ as they scurry down the burrow holes that are their nests.

Fantastic trip. If you could do a trip just once that didn’t cost the earth, then this is the one. I have shared a link with you for the company I used.


Images & Content ©Barbara Martin