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I often get asked what brought me to Raasay, so here goes. Back in 2013, I decided to go travelling. I had been to the Highlands in a previous life and had always wanted to come back to visit Skye. At that time, I had also realised that every beautiful place up here had a train station. So armed with that information I began my trip. Between trains, public busses and the power of my thumb after 2 weeks, I arrived on Skye via a ferry from Malliag, ending up in a hostel in Broadford. I was cold, wet and miserable. The only other nights accommodation booked in advance was at Raasay House. I was a bit naive to think that there would be public transport on a Sunday to take me from Broadford to Sconser. This was indeed non existent and with only an hour before the ferry departed I decided to let fate take charge. I stand on the side of the road and stick my thumb out. and if I got to the ferry terminal in time I would go to Raasay and if I didn’t get a lift, I would use plan B. Although slight oversight ….. that plan hadn’t actually been put in place!

As soon as I stepped onto the shores of Raasay, I was home

The ferry journey was spectacular and indeed the Island and Raasay House was magnificent too… This old seat of the Clan Macleods of Raasay had been rebuilt after a catastrophic fire and was in its first season as a Hotel.

It transpired I had been this way before

I always thought I had originally come to the Isle of Skye when I was about 8 but photographic evidence does not conclude this. My father had always said that we had gone to Malliag and turned left. Later, when I did that journey I didn’t recognised anything. then my sister came across some photographs and there was the evidence. I had been to Skye on holiday when I was about 15, travelling from Kyle of Lochalsh on the ferry driving up as far as Uig then down past Sligachan. Both times passing Sconser. What I remember the most about the holiday was big mountains and little white houses. When I drive through Skye, I have thought about that time and was convinced that Braes was the place I remembered, but maybe it was over the sea to Raasay.

Raasay House offers a range of accommodation from luxury hotel rooms to hostel style rooms. The Outdoor Centre at the house offers activity courses for groups and individuals. For more information, click the link https://www.raasay-house.co.uk

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